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just like the fragile fireflies that gracefully dance in summer nights.

just like the lovely stars that wrap the lonely sky at night.

just like the fleeting shooting stars. Ephemeral but can radiantly leave traces in one’s heart.

just like the beautiful moon that never loses its grace even in her different phases.

Amidst the shadows and uncertainties, glow even brighter. 

Glow for others – especially for those who are stumbling in the darkness.

Above all, glow in FAITH.


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The sky is ironically clear tonight. It’s honestly like my first time seeing how the stars are scattered in the darkness, making them sparkle like gems, since I came home last March. It looks peaceful yet mystifying – like a newly found treasure box filled with diamonds.

I stayed for a couple of minutes outside, just gazing at the stars and trying to recognize some constellations. It brought me happiness, but just like a shooting star, it fleeted; for I know, someone who was looking at the same sky tonight didn’t feel the tranquility that I felt.

May we extend whatever help we could to those who are in need especially in these trying times – humans, animals… all living things – no exception.

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Just Another Morning

October 27th of 202(something); 5:05 AM

The cold, gentle breeze woke her up. The white curtain that covers the French wall of their room dances to the soft rhythm of the wind, which unveils the morning scene of their garden.

The rain has just stopped. It bathe everything outside – the trees, the dandelions, and their vegetables. The sun is slowly peeking from the East however, the mood outside is still gloomy yet everything is ready to welcome the new day!

She’s just staring at the same scene for a couple of minutes now.

There’s joy in her heart; a spark of contentment in her eyes.

She curled her body a bit, wrapping it with soft, white blanket; then closed her eyes with a slight smile. She hugged the man next to her. He looks peaceful as he sleeps.

“All the mundane, the trivial, the ordinary – they become special when spent with you.”





The loud alarm of her phone woke her up. It’s already quarter to 8 in the morning. She slowly rose from her bed and stretched a bit, still half asleep. She gazed outside the window…

It was still raining..

She gently opened the window to “breathe” some fresh air. Then the noise of the busy street outside brought her back to reality.

The bed was empty.

It was just a dream.

Always a dream. 🙂

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Bloom in Summer – when the sun is always up and everything is bright and abundant.

Bloom even on rainy days. Don’t let dark clouds falter your faith. Instead, dance daintily with the raindrops.

Bloom in Spring. Celebrate this beautiful season when others flourish too. You don’t have to be the most vibrant – just bloom.

Bloom even in the desert – where your soul thirsts for life. Show the world that your delicacy can conquer drought.

Spread your roots in fertile soil where you are perfectly planted.

But when life gives you rocks, learn to stand even stronger.

Dear Miss Delicate, “wherever God plants you – bloom with grace, always.”